Increase FTP after Ceramic mission

I joined the ceramic mission 2020 and just completed the first step, the 40 km MTB. During this trip my wattage was constantly 415 (about 150 - 200 higher dan my regular wattage during a trip). Now I have a new FTP which is much too high. I assume this is caused by joining the mission? How do I get my real FTP back?
Some questions, who’s has got the answers? Thanks!

The CeramicSpeed mission should have no impact upon your power at all. That comes from your trainer, so it’s possible you need to recalibrate (particularly if it’s a wheel-on trainer).

You can change your FTP on your profile page in the game, or from the workout menu.

Set it to what you think it should be, or set it deliberately low and let the game update it when necessary.


Thanks Daren, I’ve changed my FTP the way you described, I tried that before, but the FTP could not be changed, probably my mistake.
I also remember that I’ve processed a calibration test, but I stopped after 15 minutes, because there was no message to stop from the program (should be after 10 minutes), that probably caused the high ftp.

FYI The spin down should take hardly anytime as all (like the whole thing one minute). I read someone spent an hour spinning at 37 km/h thinking it’s what they were meant to do :open_mouth: