Incorrect Total Elevation climbed on Apple TV

I just finished Stage 5 of TdZ on the Richmond UCI Worlds course. The total elevation gain for the 2 laps was shown in the Companion App to be 1045 ft.
At the end of the ride on my Wahoo KickR bike using Apple TV it showed I had climbed a total of 860 ft.
Quite a difference. Anyone else notice a problem?

Your activity shows you did 3 laps as well. Did you do an extra lap as warmup or cooldown?

Hi Scott,
Thanks for pointing this out.
I encountered a similar discrepancy yesterday. I also used Apple TV for that ride (TdZ Stage 5, Long Ride/A), but I think the issue is more related to wrong information in the various listings for that route.

I rode 33.0 km (20,5 miles), stopping shortly after the end banner and getting the route credit. My total elevation in my Activities in Companion is 257 m (843 ft).

In Companion>Events, on my phone, the route overview for the event says it should be 33 km total distance with 318 m total elevation:

For the same route, the information listed on Stage 5: Cycling - Tour de Zwift 2022 | Zwift gives 33.1 km (20.5 miles) with 284 m (931 ft):

The lead-in is flat (only 2 m for 0.4 km), so that isn’t a factor.
Even Zwift’s badge route information and Zwift Insider’s don’t match up:
Zwift says 16.5 km (10.25 miles) for 160 m (524 ft)
Zwift Insider says 16.2 km (10.1 miles) for 142 m (466 ft)

Issues around this has been pointed out before, including just last month, but haven’t gained any traction:

I’m putting a note on this in the TdZ FAQ, in case others have come across this and don’t read this thread.

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I noted the stats upon crossing the line after the event.

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I thought you were referring to the activity stats, not the advertised (my ad was corrected distance/elevation when I was reading your OP).

When I did the ride (after your post) I wasnt actually sure where the finish line was as your post planted a seed of doubt and my route distance indicator had completed before the 33km’s. Zwift and events … sheesh.

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Hi Scott,

I’m Steven with Zwift support, and it looks like this is your first time posting on the Zwift Forums, so congrats on that!

I took a look at this, and it does seem like there’s a considerable discrepancy there, and there’s no mistake about that (as far as I can see).

I’ve gone ahead and reached out to my colleagues in tech support for some feedback on this matter, and I’m working to get confirmation on whether or not this is a known issue. Either way, I’ll make sure it’s properly flagged up and reported on our end.


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Hey @Steven_D … you might want to check-in with James - he seems to be quick off the mark on getting these types of things sorted.

Thank you, @Dean I’ve reached out using some other channels, but I appreciate you keeping me in the loop.

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Just here to add another witness in TdZ stage 5 long course, total actual elevation was 842 ft, a 20% difference based on what the companion app shows (1,045 ft).

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