Incorrect routing/Misrouting/Routing errors on a planned ride

In the last 4-6 weeks I’ve been misrouted and I’m curious if anyone else is seeing this. I start out by selecting a route in Watopia, Makuri, Scotland, etc. Zwift keeps me on route, tracks miles, etc. as planned for a while and then suddenly introduces a wrong turn at an intersection. Route tracking stops.

It’s happened approximately once a week. On Sand & Sequoias it sent me to Repack Ridge. It’s happened 4-5 times on Muckle in Scotland. On Sleepless in Makuri. Hugely frustrating as I’m usually riding with a friend (not a Zwift planned/scheduled friend ride).

Win11 desktop and Android companion. In all cases I haven’t touched companion app (and not sweating on it, etc.).

I searched and have found very few hits on misrouting. Considering deleting all Zwift associated files and re-installing, but welcome other ideas. Weird behavior. I rode for a year and a half and never saw this happen until recently.


Have you seen this?

Interesting! No, I searched on misrouting but either missed this or it didn’t come up. Thank you, I’ll do some experimenting with my Steerzo, change batteries, recalibrate, etc.

If this is the root-cause, I would prefer to have a more explicit confirmation. Or disable route changes at the start of the ride.