Incorrect route in auto activity name

In the larger scheme of things, this is definitely a minor issue, but noticed it tonight. I loaded a custom workout and selected to ride Douce France. I rode the route for the whole workout and never deviated.

When the activity loaded to save, the auto activity name indicated La Reine.

Now, if I could get the badge for La Reine by riding Douce France, sure, I’d take it :slight_smile: , but this is clearly wrong.

Easy to fix, but still an issue

I’ve had this same issue myself. I believe it is a known/previously reported issue that is not fixed yet.

I’ve posted on all these reports now so that someone from Zwift can maybe link/merge them and add to “known issues” list and get this escalated to development, if not already done so:

Yep, weirdness with route names! I just completed the Three Sisters in New York route!

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