Incorrect Reporting on Custom Workouts - Companion App vs. Apple TV/MacBook

I’ve noted that on my custom workouts, the cadence requests are consistently 5 RPM off. While using the companion app and the app on my Apple TV or MacBook Pro, the Apple TV and MacBook workout instructions show that I should be pedaling at a cadence that is 5RPM UNDER what I have programmed the workout to do. For instance, one of my regular Sweet Spot workouts is set to 75 RPM during the work intervals. Generally, I get a 5RPM buffer either way, so no alerting happens when I’m +/- 5RPM. See the attached images:

Note in the second image, the cadence indicated is 70 RPM and thus, the indicator is RED when I’m pedaling at the 75 RPM indicated in the workout file, which you can see here:

Interestingly, the 2nd leg of this workout doesn’t have a specific cadence set as does the main “work” interval above, but the outcome is the same nonetheless. Here is the whole section:

Thoughts? @shooj? Anyone on Team Zwift?

Bump. Would like some help on this, please and thank you.