Incorrect elevation gain in race description

The description for many of the shorter races are way off. Often by a factor of 2-3, and sometimes 4-5. Sometimes it is too high, sometimes too low. Why is that? Is there some sort of a bug that tricks the organizers to state the wrong elevation gain for the race? Or is there simply just no way for tha oranizer to find out the actual elevation for the race he/she is setting up? More often than not it seems the stated elevation in the description is nothing more than a wild guess.

where are you seeing the differences?

Race description vs actual result, as displayed either live on Zwift or on Companion or Strava afterwards. This is especially for short races with custom finishes. Such as Zwift Insider Tiny Races and similar.

Here is one more example. ZwiftPower says 257 m elevation gain, while it’s actually 117 m.