Incorporate remaining elevation in race HUD

Subject basically says it. It would be nice to quickly see remaining elevation for a given race (or likely any event, I suppose). I often forget how much elevation a course has once the race has started. Like when I’m halfway through and can’t remember if total elevation is 500m or 750m. Feel free to help me out if I’m missing something. I understand this falls under “get to know the course” but there are lots of courses. Lately it seems like the elevation reminder has been omitted on the scrolling banner on the start gateway as well.

This may help.

Thank you. Yes, there are lists and other ways of referencing it, plus the info is of course right in the description, but that’s the last time you see it. Distance remaining gets a prominent, active bar at the top during the event but remaining elevation is nowhere to be found. I’d say the two parameters are equally important in how I approach/frame a race before and during.