Inconsistent resistance

Several times each ride, the resistance will spike to the point that I can’t budge pedals.  I have a Wahoo Kickr and the only way to get back on track is to switch from “erg” to “sim” and back again, which is an annoyance – I lose power in the Zwift ride.  I’ve checked in with other Zwift riders and they report the same problem…which they “fix” by pedaling slowly for a while…not really a fix, it seems to me.  What’s going on, and how do I eliminate this problem?

Hi Michael,

We’re sorry to hear this, assuming you know how ERG mode works it looks like there might be a problem. Please click HERE and submit a ticket and include your ‘‘fit’’ file and ‘‘log’’ file and we will look into it. 

Do you know where you can find the files? 

Also is all your equipment up to date?