Incline number display

I use the trendmill at the gym and only use my mobile phone as display and another one for companion app.

If be good if the incline number can be in larger Front or have option to place in companion app.

This will allow for better communication between end user and Zwift when to put up or down the incline of the trendmill.

It would be great if some how Zwift could communicate with the Treadmill to do this like how it happens with Life Fintess machines with Thier own running tracks.

When their tracks go up a hill the trendmill will incline to the number.

The subject of auto incline is much requested and much debated.

It is possible to get this using a 3rd party app called QZ DOMYOS.

I do agree reference the gradient font size though along with other text sizes. When running it’s that little bit harder to read smaller fonts.

Wow, I didn’t even know the incline was displayed. Now I will look for it!!