Incline/decline feels opposite

I have a wahoo kickr. New to zwift. For the most part things have been working well, but I just did a long ride and noticed that when I had rollers or a change in incline, my trainer felt like it was doing the opposite. Meaning, zwift says I’m going 12% uphill but I’m on ANY gear and able to spin 80rpms. Watts showing like <100.

Then I go downhill and I’m struggling. Am i doing something wrong? Is this a bug? People were passing me like crazy. What is the solution?

I keep fiddling with my settings and I have no idea what I’m doing, what’s working, and what isn’t. Are there just recommended settings for this stuff?

I am so frustrated!

Have this infrequently - just restart everything and you will be good to go (hopefully). Worse case, un-pair, do spindown, re-pair and you should be good to go.

No idea why except the bits and bytes aren’t aligned as they should.

Thanks. My fiancé hopped on and was doing a ride before we could do this and his watts dropped all the way to 0 while he was riding. Ugh. Hopefully this will all work! Thanks!

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Dropping to zero is certainly a bit different - fingers x’ed.