Inaccurate times tracking on Movember mission

Hey Zwifters!

We have seen reports of members not getting their time accurately tracked to their Movember mission. While we can’t credit this time back to your account at this time, we ask that you send in a support inquiry at the end of the month stating the missing time and we will manually entitle your account with the mission completion unlock.


Thanks for this. I was thinking that I had done something wrong.

Thanks for the information. I will get back to you when I complete my time for the Movember mission.


OK… This isn’t cool… it’s 9:30pm in California and I had less than an hour left and I put in over an hour ride in and it won’t say mission complete!! I really want that screen shot Zwift!! I worked by butt off…really it’s gone now… to donate this time and energy and I feel let down that I now don’t have the Jersey to show I helped!! and I want my TIME to go towards the donation of the $25000 to help!!! Please fix this issue with your timezone

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Yes, one of those.

Annoyed the mission was also ended early. Bit of a time glitch there.

Logged a support ticket to get my account updated with the mission accomplishment. Rides and XP logged ok, just not applied to mission.