In what order should I start my devices?

I have a Kinetic trainer with InRide, an iPhone 6 with the Zwift app and bluetooth turned on, and a laptop computer on a home Wifi.  I do not have a HR sensor or ant+. How should I set it up?  

I would load the app on your pc first.

While the screen is loading lightly spin to wake up the inride sensors.

turn your wifi on the phone.

Start your iphone app (make sure to enable the bluetooth on your phone and in the zwift app)

in the zwift app it will be under settings sensors.

When the pairing screen comes up make sure your phone icon with the bluetooh symbol is flashing.

begin the pairing process

The iphone will act as a bluetooth bridge

i believe the inride sensor is a power meter.

Hi Kerry, 

What exact trainer have you got?