In search of the daredevil achievement


Looking for some tips for getting the daredevil achievement (50 mph). 

Beside pedal harder, crunch your steer etc i’m looking for tips like :

- Richmond or Watopia?

  • Where to achieve it eg downhill reverse, etc

Seems I getting stuck around 75 km/u (46,6 mph)

Tnx for sharing some tips and advice ! 



Tnx in advance!

What is your gearing? I also get to 75 km/h, at 52/11 I am making about 120 rpm. It would seem a 53/11 gearing would help……

I would suggest the Richmond descent, with an aero boost…… 

Nice info!

I have a very basic bike on the trainer at with only a 50/11 but upgrade is in the make to a 53/11

So perhaps i’ll have to wait when the better stuff is on the trainer.

Was also thinking about the Richmond descent, will see what I can get out of there, but have to wait until it’s back on the server.

Tnx again !

I would think if you could ride with a fast group, then around 1/4 of the way down the hill, hit it hard with as many watts as you can, you’ll use the draft of the group to propel you down that hill faster than you could do it alone.

Or, if you have the truck aero boost, you could use that at the top of the hill.

I went for it today, hit 82kph but didn’t get it. It seems to be bugged. I was also using the TT bike so who knows. 
I submitted a ticket in case it helps them find the problem. Or maybe you guys know.

Just being able to pedal faster doesn’t necessarily help.  All Zwift cares about is your wattage, not the speed your trainer is reporting.  If you are using a power meter, increasing the resistance on the trainer would help you get higher wattage with the gearing you have.  Depending on your trainer, this might be quite easy.

With a Kickr, you could go into the wahoo fitness app and change the mode to “Level” and set it at a higher level.  The resistance would be similar to going up a hill rather than down a hill, so you’d be able to get higher wattage for what ever gearing you have.

If you are just on a basic trainer, if there is any way to increase the resistance, that would help.

zPower people on a basic trainer are probably just out of luck here.  There you do need to pedal faster.

Lastly, changing how realistic the hills are in settings might have an impact.  I know this greatly impacts the climbs, not sure if it does the same to the descents.  I believe for climbs it basically reduces the effective grade in half, but due to this, you do go slower.

In addition, I was wondering how much being on a tri bike with 808 wheels would matter.  It’d probably give more benefit than the aero helmet, but would prevent you from using a pack to help out.

I managed to hit it when following this guide. Certainly wasn’t a walk in the park though !