In races: split result table in two parts: in-cat and out-cat

Hi Zwift!
The problem is: I believe there is no cat D or cat C race anymore without a winner that is pushing more than 4 W/kg.

Why not split the results table in two parts:

  • The upper part of the table for the riders that stick to the category limits (The in-cat table)
  • The lower part of the table for the riders that exceed the category limits (The out-cat table)

This would have two big effects:

  • It will remove a reward from the over-category limit riders, as they will end up in the bottom half of the table. Psychologically that’s a big thing, it will make a change. Next time they will think twice about which category they will race in.
  • It will also discourage weight doping, as lower weight means higher W/kg, so you are more easily exceeding the category limits.

I believe this is a very very very easy thing to implement, way easier than the anti-sandbagging trials you are doing now. Only the result table needs to be split in two parts, the upper part for the in-cat riders, the lower part for the out-cat riders, and I believe it will solve more than 90% of the issues we have now. Also you are not disqualifying or punishing anyone badly, so no one will feel upset. They just end up in the lower table that’s all, no hard feelings, the limit was just exceeded, tough luck…

Because these days it’s literally half the group which is over category limits, so if you race on zwiftpower, you don’t have the slightest clue who you have to chase anymore… I strongly believe that this simple change will dramatically reduce the amount of people racing in the wrong category, or at least, they will try to stick to the category limit, even if they can push more, but that’s fine with me. Let them sprint to the victory in the last couple of meters, but at least I didn’t have to go over my threshold for like three quarter of the race, which is actually pretty bad for my heart… :slight_smile:

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