In game race results table broken?

For months now my popup results table at end of races shows incomplete data. Only first 20 places show. Anyone outside top 20 is not listed.

Is this broken in the game? Do others also have this problem (can’t see any mention of it in here)? Or is it user specific to me? Will a reinstall fix it? Is there a reinstall procedure to also retain PB power efforts?

Hi, this is a known issue with the post race results only showing the first 20 places. The dev team is working on this, but in the meantime you should still be able to see the full results in the Companion App after the ride.

Ok thanks Lucas. Hopefully it’s being fixed with higher priority than the Withings scale sync issue that has been broken for year(s)… It’s very convenient to just scroll through the results table that pops up at the end of a race vs open the companion app, except when it’s broken.