In-game Power Ups= not a good idea

(Jaime Salas) #1

Ok so I got a chance to go for a spin around the island, and one thing I would highly suggest is get rid of the power ups. Though not a bad idea, but true cyclist who are using Zwift to get stronger don’t want aids especially virtural assistance. If Zwift is going to be taken serious every aspect of someones power needs to come from the person on the bike not a power up that gives them false hope that they can catch someone. because in real life there is no power ups, just your own power that comes from your legs.

one other suggestion is that on the mini map in the upper left hand corner, can we make my virtual marker bigger. I couldn’t tell where I was on the course. Maybe I just didn’t see it, but I couldn’t tell where i was on the course and what to anticipate.

Besides constructive criticism, you guys have a solid beta so far. If you make a few changes, you guys will be a great competitor to trainer road. I am gamer who loves to play MMO stuff, so this was a HUGE gift for me, especially how boring sitting on a trainer can be. Anyways you guys keep up the good work and I’ll keep testing.

(Clint Westhoff) #2

@James: “because in real life there is no power ups” Actually there are IMO. If my wife is at the top of the hill with new water bottles I can throw mine out and if your wife couldn’t come to the race you can’t, so I get a feather power up. Depending on the wind and my positioning, I might be able to gutter you, so I get a burrito. I may be slightly more flexible than you, even if we are otherwise the same size and shape, so I get an aero helmet.

Real life has randomness that absolutely impacts how fast you go on the road relative to other people on the road, so why shouldn’t the game have some randomness?

(Christian Wiedmann [X] 50) #3

Also, one thing to note is that power is not affected by powerups, only in-game speed. All power-related metrics still reflect exactly what you put into the ride. If you’re riding at 300 watts up the hill and pop the feather, Zwift still shows 300 watts, but your speed might go from 11mph to 12mph.

(Henry Tambor) #4

Hi Jaime: When the PowerUps were first introduced, I thought it was a bad idea but I’ve come to love them. The game aspect of Zwift makes riding indoors fun and the PowerUps give me something to use strategically in-game. Now, I hate the burrito, and I just don’t like to use it against an opponent (that’s just me), so I find myself getting rid of this power-up simply so I can get one that will allow me to better challenge for the sprint, KOM or lap jersey; even if I’m just tooling around, I’ll keep hitting the spacebar simply so I can increase my rider score. This does not seems to have anything to do with training, but here’s the miracle of Zwift: It keeps me riding and engaged, and thinking strategically. I’ve been keeping reliable records for my training for years, and this year has seen a dramatic spike in volume and intensity for indoor training that can only be attributed to the Zwift effect.

(Stewart G teamWBR) #5

Still don’t like the power ups. I use them to get the + points but would rather they were not there.

(James Gill | TitaniumGeek) #6

They could get around the issue of powerups by preventing their use on any of the short timed segments? or having specific areas where the power up isn’t accessible?

(Brian Cheung) #7

I like the power-ups. Adds a gaming element to Zwift. If you don’t like them, don’t use them.

(Grant Woolf-BatCity) #8

Don’t like them, cheapens the experience from my perspective. If I ran the zwift zoo, I’d initially focus on making Zwift the best simulation of cycling group rides and races. I think people would pay significant $'s for that experience. I can appreciate that others want it to be a game, but I don’t want my cycling mixed with Mario-cart. I think there is a place for that also and it has it’s own potential, but it should be a separate place. It would be great if you could choose “game world” or “simulation world” when you log in.

(Jaime Salas) #9

@ Grant Woolf , I think that would not be bad idea, for those who want the serious training side they can log into the simulation no power ups side, and those who want more of a relax fun ride they log into the video game side withe power ups. I hope Zwift see this, that would resolve this problem.

(C Morgan) #10

I like 'em, just wish they were different or get rid of useless ones (burrito!)