In game photos (using F10) NOT uploading since last update!

Some issue for me. I can’t see my screenshot (taken with F10 on w10) in strava or in

Here also the same problem with Windows 10 and photos taken with F10 not being uploaded to both Zwift and Strava since first october update.

Waiting for a solution from Zwift because with each update from Zwift the windows app gets more and more buggy :frowning:

Almost 3 weeks of this being an ongoing issue and no official response from Zwift :roll_eyes:

@Shuji_Sakai can we get an update or an acknowledgment that this is being looked into???


Yup… also using windows and F10 for screenshots… still broken…

I think at this point zwift just needs to roll out zwift 2.0

Or just stop pushing “updates” thru as soon as the game reaches a stable state again… seems like the updates are more intended to break things more than anything else

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+! …just to add another unhappy user. Photos taken via companion app on iOS, Zwift on Win 10 does say they are uploaded, but pictures never appear on Strava.

Add another user x2 having trouble. A help ticket to Zwift only found them blaming the user. No acknowledgement of a Zwift bug. At this rate, may not get fixed. Need more people to complain.

I’d just like to add my weight to this bug - I’ve had a few rides this week - most recent one yesterday - where I took screenshots from my Windows PC using F10 but they weren’t saved.

I was able to see and select the screenshots I wanted to upload at the end of the ride but none of them did actually upload. It’s a shame - I had one of my proudest ever rides and lost screenshots recording it.

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They should be saved to your pictures folder on your PC. They just aren’t auto uploading to Strava currently. So while it’s a PITA you can manually upload the photos you want to your Strava ride after the fact.

Maybe by 2021 Zwift will acknowledge this bug they introduced but not holding my breath.


Ah! Thank you! I’ve just checked and you’re right - they’re in there - so even though it’s a clear bug, at least I do have them.

Thanks again for the help. :+1:


same here :triumph:

same problem here, no screenshots on either Strava or in Zwift activities are saved

Same F10 problem here…

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Just to add even more weight to that issue: Same problem here. Support is no longer responding to my request :frowning:

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so Zwift is aware of the problem?

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I have a ticket open and explained all the stuff already written here.
Seems like the support was not aware of it.


That’s the feedback from the Zwift Support Team to me from today:

I am sorry about this problem. I’ve spoken to our team and they are aware of the problem and are working on a solution. However, I cannot give you the exact date that the problem will be fixed.


ok tnx, at least they are aware… seems like i have to make a picture of the screen with my phone for now…
Not even screenshots in the Companion app for me.

Yay another month to wait.


I have your same problem

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Hello everyone, every time I complete an activity in Zwift from my Windows PC and save it, before quitting, I upload the images I took during the activity (F10 to take the screenshots). None of these images are automatically uploaded to my activity in Zwift and obviously there is no way to upload them later. Obviously also on Strava I can’t see the images. Zwift ingame settings are correct and I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it several times.
If I nagivate to C:\Users\myusername\Images\Zwift I can see all the taken screenshots but, as said, there is no automatic upload when saving, I can see both with or without statistics and metrics (*.jpg or *_clean.jpg) and I can upload them on Strava manually without any problem but I can’t understand why the automatic upload on “my activities feed” on Zwift .com and in Zwift companion as well is not working anyomore. I can see the correct Activity, all my received RIDE ONs, time and statistics but no images in it.
Is anyone there who can help me?