In-Game Opt-in for Data Sharing to revive ZwiftPower

(Jessica Hamilton [BRT] HellcatZ) #1

Please provide in-game opt-in for data sharing to revive sites like ZwiftPower. Also, an option for event organisers to exclude racers that don’t opt-in to data sharing.

For the racing scene, the likes of sites like ZwiftPower are integral to providing race results. Without ZwiftPower and the racing scene, Zwift has zero interest for me. I came for the racing; and I will leave without the racing.

Just look at as an example. We’ve had approximately 250 unique riders attracted to this event alone.

Without ZwiftPower, and accurate race results, how do you see this continuing?

Perhaps the event module can provide an option that requires participants agree to share their data, with the consent provided in-game.