In game Currency

I would love to see an in game Currency. You gain the currency threw completing different events. Different currencies would include.

Workouts - Gained per premade workout completion.
Climbs- Gained for climb summits.
Sprints- Gained for sprint Completions,
Group Ride- Gained from group rides.

The currency can be spent for special items, to show off how hard you work in each discipline. Can also add extra coins for placements in climbs and sprints.


Just an FYI, there are rumors of an in-game store coming soon, but no details have been releases.


As Paul says, it’s coming. Apparently called “Dropz”. We don’t know how they’re earnt yet, but… “soon”?

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I wonder if the UCI pro womens team will have any issues with the naming?

I don’t get the reference :slight_smile:

I’m not certain, but it must be this:

E: Broken link

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Yes that’s correct.