Can we expect to see improved game visuals as in road surfaces, terrain and avatar qualities? Right now we have Sega genesis quality graphics at best. Also how about a level 75 or just go to 100.

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What device are you using, it look like you are on a basic profile.

This is how Zwift look in Ultra Profile.

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As per Gerrie the graphics when running in 4k using the ultra profile is a world away from the basic profile. I couldn’t understand the hype until i made the change.

With regards to level increase we’ve not long moved to level 60 as a max so i wouldn’t expect 75 or a 100 anytime soon.
There’s more important things in the development line up.

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The graphics quality you see depends on the device you run the game on, the resolution you chose in settings, and the display. What’s your equipment? Upload a log file to, hit the share link and post it here for more feedback (assuming you’re not on Apple TV which has no log access).

I guess I am on basic. How do I get ultra. I am using a 4K UDR tv.

What are your computer specifications.

The available options should be under settings.


For what it’s worth, the type of TV on which you are displaying Zwift has little bearing. The device on which you are actually running Zwift is the key.