Improvement idea - add audible alarm at beginning of interval

Please consider adding the option for an audible alarm at the beginning of new zone block. Ideally you could add one tone for z1 to know rest has started, and a second tone for any zone other than Z1. This would help to know when to lower power or step on it. This could be manually added when creating a custom training such as you allow to add manual text.

You don’t hear tones when the zone changes? The gate one is heading towards also flashes colors based on the effort level coming up.

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You have a very good point. I have not properly identified the tones when the zone change. I will remove the music to listen to them. I come from training over 2 years in another app where they have a revving engine sound before your interval starts and a tires screeching sound when it is time to reduce power. I must also admit that when I am doing the last of a large series of intervals I don’t look to the screen, I look down focusing on putting all my remaining strength into the effort.


You must be very good at keeping your power steady. The only way I can be sure I am hitting the target is by looking at my iPad right in front of me. In later intervals I find it easier because I no longer have to worry about exceeding the upper limit. I never really thought about how I can both listen to loud music from my phone and receive alerts from my iPad running the Zwift Companion app. I know my headphones are paired with both but, now that I think consider the situation, it seems remarkable that I can hear both. I am doing ZA WO #3 tomorrow so I will see how I manage to hear from two sources.