Improved Mobile Companion & Apple Health Integration

(Silly Bugger) #1

I use a (1) Wahoo KICKR 2018, (2) Wahoo RPM Cadence Sensor, and (3) Polar H7 Heart Rate monitor during my Zwift workouts. When I use the polar heart rate monitor, Zwift mobile companion only shares an average heart rate over the entirety of my workout with Apple Health. Whereas, if I pair my Apple Watch as a heart rate sensor, it records a heart rate sample to Apple Health about every five seconds. I would prefer to use my polar heart rate monitor, since its more accurate and doesn’t drain my AW3 battery. It would be ideal if the Zwift mobile companion would share the heart rate data its getting (and keeps as a record of my activity) with Apple Health at the conclusion of a ride or run, and record the calories burned as Active Energy like the Zwift app for iOS does.