Improve scheduling upcoming events

Event planning is ok for a day or two on the mobile app (Companion), and lacking severely on the website. I am now using Zwift every day and want to plan out the full week – and have it on my calendar so I know whats “tomorrow” or when the next race/workout I’m doing that is apart of a series (like the Academy Tri series).

The save to my calendar feature using the mobile app is a nice feature – but I cannot get past two days of planning and painful scrolling (yes I also use the next day arrow) before it runs out of data.

A nice calendar where I can select the day up to 10 days out and “plan” that day? As I signed up for the Academy Tri series, Black Sheep rides and other random ones and it would be great to pick and choose or follow a theme. I am doing this “series” so why not show these highlighted for example or let me refine based on that series or prior rides completed?

I do use the companion app filters and it is somewhat helpful – but I can see some simple improvements that would really let a daily user plan his/her week.

Hi Mark,

what you are asking seem like it could be very nice.

In the meantime have you tried

Also Zwift power will show your sign ups.

One more thing in the companion app if you swipe right in the events block you will see all those you signed up for.

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I hadn’t seen this hack yet – and I like the direction it is headed – I still see some room for refinement like basing it on my feed so I can easily find the next race/ride that follows what I have been apart of so far.

Ty for the tip!

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For a lot of the ‘series’ we have special filters that can be used, with links that can be found at the bottom of the event description pages. Example, i went to events, found the next scheduled ZA workout event and opened up the details to it, and at the bottom of the page found a few #'s, one of which directed me to, which lists only the ZAtri2020 events, and extends the list, which normally only went till tomorrow morning, until Sunday Evening(4.5 days out). This trick may help with the planning of events!

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Seth thank you – helpful on website – but if I add it on website it doesn’t get added to calendar – that only works on mobile device, right?