Impossible to ride in recovery zone

Hopefully, someone could point me to a solution for the follow issue which recently popped up.

When I’m riding a workout in ERG-mode, all zones 2-6 work perfectly, however it seems impossible now to get a “star” for the recovery intervals. I am always doing something like 10-15% more watts to end up in the “blue zone”.

Elite Suito-T
Connected via bluetooth to an android phone

did you try shifting to a bigger gear at the back?

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Follow Dielsel Dan or Coco Cadence. One of those two should meet you recovery zone needs and you will rack up Drops as well.

I can’t even imagine doing a recovery ride in ERG mode

Is the recovery zone watt-target below 60 to 70 watts or 100 even? Some trainers, if not most, will struggle to maintain those numbers. My 2 cents.

Thanks for your replies!

@Gerrie_Delport_ODZ I will give shifting down somewhat a try. I thought at first that wouldn’t matter because of ERG mode, but in a very big gear with low wattage, I require the trainer to give a very low resistance. I will report back if it was the solution.

@Jerome_Dionne absolute numbers are: 115 watts target, and recently I ended up doing 150-160 during recovery intervals.

@Michael_Steele Good tip to give a try for a recovery ride. I am not talking about recovery rides though, but about recovery intervals during a workout.

I have the same issue with my Flux. Every trainer has a resistance floor where it mechanically can’t get easier.

I just shift up a couple of sprockets on the cassette to get less resistance. Then shift back to the middle of the cassette for the ‘work’ intervals.

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Solved by shifting down slightly, thanks

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