Impliment a Power Cap W' mode

Implement a ‘power cap’ mode. Where a rider can choose to set a maximum allowed work output.

This is probably not straightforward to implement (really depends on how well organized the code is!) however I think this could be a game changer.
It could be set lower to fit in with training goals, eg to train efficiency or avoid over-training.
That is you could race and train at the right level for your training plan.

It would also be (big-time!) useful for setting rider categories in racing.

This might be achieved by implementing the capability to set a max W’ (Anaerobic Work Capacity) value. Ask Dr Google for more details, but basically it is the matches you have to burn. It goes up and down during a ride, so you can recover when you go below threshold. It does not stop you put in a sprint, but it will cost you.