I'm in the big ring pedalling hard yet everyone is pulling away on the decents.

(Michael Hull) #1

I have a CT and all working well except for descents when in events. I come over the top of a hill and accelerate stick it in the big gear but the bunch is just pulling away.


I’m staying on the climbs but not sure what is going on in the downhills just doesn’t seem to be the same experience on the down hill. I’m in the 53X 11 at 90 or higher rpm and so should be able to keep up but the entire bunch is moving away. Doesn’t seem the same outside events.


Any ideas?



(Paul Allen) #2

They could be heavier than you and/or they could be using more aero bikes within Zwift.

(simon walker1965) #3

What trainer do u have?

(Jason K) #4

Aside from what Paul mentioned, I’d also just recommend doing a spindown calibration on your Computrainer as this may help. :slight_smile: