I'm between pace groups W/kg -- could I adjust weight to fit in?

(> Happy Runner) #1

I’m not a terribly fast rider, but I’d like to be in a group that challenges me to keep up.  The 2.0 rides are like a walk in the park; the 2.5 rides drop me after awhile.  They don’t make 2.25 rides!

So I was wondering whether manipulating my weight would permit me to “fit in” better with a group?  These are paced group rides so its not a matter of cheating – its not a race.

And please, no replies suggesting that I get better so I can fit into the 2.5 ride.  Yeah, I know, that’s my goal too but I need a group to challenge me now.

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #2

Even though the ‘slope %’ is not supposed to make things harder or easier, I find that a lower slope % does seem to make riding the same course easier than a harder % figure. If you are running at the default 50% or over, you might try to lower it a bit. I still feel hills down to about 40% (above the first ‘e’ in the word Screen under the slider).

My old trainer does not work properly at high resistances, so I have to run it at or below 60% anyway.

I personally don’t mind at all if you are doing a group ride with a virtual weight instead of a real one. The more riders in a group ride the better. I have been in group rides where riders are saying they weigh more than they do in reality to make the ride a bit harder to get a better workout, and what you are saying is the same thing - you just want a good workout and to stay with the group,

Personally - anything that gets more group riders together more often seems like a good thing to me!

(Michael Steele) #3

@ Happy Runner… use this as motivation to log more miles and improve to the point where riding the higher group is easier for you.  In your case drafting more and riding in the middle of the pack will be enough to offset the watts per kg differences… you will find the experience more rewarding than just taking the easy route of changing weight in Zwift. 


also, there are handicap races and rides specifically with the goal of leveling the playing field for all riders. 

(> Happy Runner) #4

Not trying to take the “easy route” – I’d be happy to make things harder for myself so that I fit in the 2.0 group.  I just would like a group ride where I fit in at a good workout effort.

Also, not looking to race.  As indicated, looking  to better fit in a group ride.

I will try adding to the % and adding weight and see whether that lets me fit in the 2.0 group.  Thanks for the tip.

(Porthos Woofs ODZ (D)) #5

Happy - don’t forget you can try to pick the slowest bike for the 2.0 group and the fastest bike/wheels for the 2.5 group and maybe one or the other will help out to make your goals met.

The most important thing is that you are riding, having fun, and working hard at it.