I'm a newbie

I use a cycleops fluid 2 on my 21 speed. I just finished my 25km free trail and I love Zwift.
I’m new to trainers and am very much a novice cycler
For those who use a non smart trainer like mine… Is there any setup tips on the amount of pressure I should be applying to the wheel?

Hi Steve, welcome to Zwift!

I also use a fluid 2 dumb trainer with a wahoo bluetooth speed and cadence sensor to communicate with my Windows 10 laptop. Make sure you are following the manufacturers directions on how tight to set the trainer to your wheel, should be 2.5 revolutions (I put a black mark on the yellow handle so I know how many times I have turned it). Also your rear wheel should be at least 100 psi and I check mine at least a few times a week. I also will turn my front wheel a quarter turn each time to prevent any damage to the front rim.

I also had to adjust the tension where the fluid 2 attaches to the rear axle, this will be depend on how wide your rear axle is. I had to set my fluid 2 to the widest setting available, too tight and it will slow you way down and potentially damage your bike.

Ride on!

120 psi with my Fluid 2. BTW if you’re using a speed sensor and zpower / virtual estimated power the accuracy is not great e.g. 30 - 40 watts less than my power meter (and I’ve tested using 2 different power meters). The resistance on your tyre makes a difference. I have mine really tight to avoid slippage. Power numbers however are consistent provided you keep the same tyre pressure and same pressure on the drum.

When doing a workout warm up the trainer / tyre for at least 5 minutes before starting the workout. The oil in the trainer needs to warm up and resistance increases as it gets warm.