Ignore rider option

Note, this is nothing personal :slight_smile: … this request is just idea “how to solve/fix technical glitch”.

Yesterday I rode my bike in London-Keith Hill. Just after climb began, the rider in front of me started to suffer from connection issues. He disappeared and reappeared continuously in period of several seconds. Blick - he was gone, after two or three seconds BLICK and he was back. Then BLICK again - he was gone, etc etc … moreover jumping from middle of the road to roadside and forth and back.

Let me say it was quite annoying. Moreover, we both had almost the same performance and pace. I was riding near my threshold (was unable to ride faster and just overtook him) and he kept the same pace as me. It means I was unable to get rid of him - I had to stare at him and his problems. He was “blinking” in front of me for several minutes. Finally, I could not stand it anymore - so I stoped my ride, took 1-minute rest (or so) and then continued (of course - forget any intention to attack PR or something like that).

OK, here is my proposal/request - please let me IGNORE some riders (using the same way I can display Zwifter nearby details and give them RideOns, Watch etc). Just add Ignore option there. Then don’t display them on my screen. This Ignore flag would be valid until the ride ends. I believe this option could be quite useful sometimes as can help to avoid some unnecessary frustration.

Perhaps a better solution would be to rate-limit blinking. For instance, if a rider could only blink into existence once per minute, that might cut the annoyance down to a tolerable level.