If you want to make a quid

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #1

I am enjoying my zwift riding. Even though indoor riding seems to impact my buttocks at a different ratio than outdoor riding.

I enoy the Richmond course, as I attended the race and it shows parts of the course I couldn’t walk to. 

My suggestion - its a pixel course - sell advertising.

Put up ads around the course. I see you have a couple but they are purely cycling related. Put the banners around the track near the houses. Sometimes to mark segments, That would be one of my cons. I can never find the segment starts.

And put more shout outs on the road - that people can purchase for a ride, or a week. Whatever. Its motivational, and you could sell them.

Jens gets shut up legs for free - maybe. Get joe blow to have his/her name painted on a section of rode. 

Hey its all money. And you don’t have to scrub it off at the end of the session. Sell it per mile ridden. Whatever. 

Good luck.