If I could ride a bike in North Korea

I am a South Korean.

For South Koreans, Mt. Kumgang is a forbidden land and a symbolic land of unification aspirations, and it is an attractive and must-see place.

As North-U.S. relations and inter-Korean relations have recently turned into a mood of reconciliation and peace, hopes are rising that anyone will be able to go on this path. The interest and curiosity in uncharted land that has been hidden for 70 years, unparalleled in the world, should be of great interest to not only Koreans but also to people around the world.

It’s going to be very interesting to see the beautiful, uncharted roads controlled by the world’s only black-and-white areas into the Zweft system in advance.

I think the mountain path provided by Zwif could be one of the pillars of the North’s closeness, such as the butterfly effect, and I think the rider running here can play a small role.

What do you think about adding a map of Mt. Kumgang in North Korea?

You can search Google Earth for ‘MT geumgang’.

Zwift won’t go anywhere near anything that’s the slightest bit political.

We don’t really need any more worlds just what we have now expanded.