Ideas to implement on Zwift

I think puncture would be a nice idea to implement…not often but maybe one random puncture for one rider out of 100 in a race. And then have to wait a minute to get it fixed by a service car…

I also think crashes could be implemented in sprints or tight fast bends… like also not very often but maybe 2-3 people out of 100…and then u can have slightly crashes so u get up on the bike quick and can continue and then some more serious so u are out of the race…

U could also implement wildlife “close” accidents…and also real accidents…but that’s pretty rare so maybe 1 out of 1000…

Service cars and lead motorbikes could also be nice to see on the roads…

And the climbing status could have better visibility…gradient in different colours, height and how much left of the climb…atleast on climbs that are over 5 minutes…

Keep up the good work! Have a nice day


Dear King Julius,

For the record if I was in a race and I was the 1/100 riders to get a fake flat and be forced to sit ideal for 1 minute when everyone else sped away at Zwiftly, I might actually hulk smash something in the heat of the moment. 0/10 not we don’t need to mirror this bit of reality where there are 9999 other things to improve or implement.

Probably of randomly crashing, see above.

Lead moto and a Com. That follows a break over 1 minute up the road and the peloton could be cool but I doubt zwift will add this bit of realism.

Elevation profile: probably the most valid request. This has been discussed many times on here. Please use the search function and up vote the ones that you like.


I think it could spice up racing and make it more interesting.

What if it had more chance of happening to the sit in and sprint crowd? Think of it as an additional way of making the breakaways succeed. :cowboy_hat_face: That is usually the complained about racing occurrence, right?

Naturally you’d have to wait a small time for the puncture fix as in real world racing.

Yeah…its going to be a hard no from me