I'd like to select a map daily as I want.

The map is fixed according to your schedule.

But I’d like to select a map daily as I want.

It’s better for the user.

I hope my opinion will be implemented soon.


It’s easy to do http://zwiftblog.com/world-tag/

Mark, Thank you for your advice. It worked!

I have a question. I was alone at the map. If I and my friend do this at same time, can we meet at the map?

Yes! Anyone who is using the tag will appear on the map as you would normally expect. 

The fact that you were alone on the map is a good reason to accept Zwift as it is (grump, … and I don’t like Richmond myself).

I rather ride a day on a map I don’t like than splitting all users over 3 maps and ride alone.

I find Richmond a bit cold and uninviting but cannot exactly say why that may be. However, I ride it for a change anyway.

Many people just dont want to be bothered with the hassle of changing files to play on other maps. It’s not user friendly.

There’s plenty more that maps can be filled with after all besides live players. Think a ghost version of yourself, followed riders, pro’s, etc. Advanced blues you might say.


… this is exactly the point. Most people want to ride with people, like-minded real people and not computers, AIs, ghosts of any sorts or else!!

If there are maps to choose from then this will inevitably cut down the number of riderss per map and kill all the social aspects of this platform.

There are plenty of other platforms who do have maps to choose and they are great for what you want, ghosts and all the rest (I tested them).

The result is that you hardly ever find real people to ride with, that is why I use Zwift.

Just change the map as per hack when you want to rather then ruin it for everybody looking to ride with real people.

This would be a really useful addition to the interface as editing a file is a pain.

I think people who want the social aspect arrange to ride with people either formally using a group ride or just logging on at the same time as others.

Lots of people though just want to ride the route they prefer regardless of the day of the week and if there was an easy way of choosing the route you would probably find you aren’t alone.