I would like to ride my actual bike

I ride a Specialized Tarmac Expert. The one with the Camo Paint. I would like to ride my actual bike, as well as There being more options for customization/brands. (Roval, enve, etc.). We also need chain color options as well. Not being able to have a KMC Gold chain and cotton wall tires is :frowning: . Seriously though, this seems like an excellent product placement thing for you guys to make money, as well as for us to either have our real bikes or fantasy bikes. Unlock Sagan paint for winning a race via sprint or something like that. Or a pro Stem for doing a cavendash like sprint. Whatever the methodology, Let us pimp our rides. Not to hard, one product at a time.

If the technology and engine support it, maybe this is the sort of thing that will come along with the anticipated in-game shop. We can hope!

I’m sure it is coming Zwiftly. For now if you want this kind of thing, please go play need for speed. I think they’ve been doing this 10+ years.