I want to ride whatopia. Its sinds 2. Days onlusten podiums at UK

I would like to ride ar whatopia but tge last two rides I. Could not select whatopia. Only UK London.
How can I changes that?

Today is London time to set new PR on Box hill!!


see the link for the schedule https://zwiftblog.com/schedule/



I have been using ZwiftPreferences when I’ve wanted to select a course different from that on the calendar.  https://zwifthacks.com/zwiftpref-macos/.  The ZwiftMap app is excellent too.  https://zwifthacks.com/zwiftmap-macos-and-windows/


Zwift recommends you not do that hack, it could cause issues when Zwift is updated.

Do you have a link?  I’ve not seen any such warning,  the Zwiftpreferences and ZwiftMap don’t alter the Zwift application so far as I know, and haven’t interfered at all with the updates I’ve applied to Zwift since using them.  Granted, I don’t use ZwiftPreferences except to change worlds occasionally, but I use Zwiftmaps every time I ride Zwift.