I thought I had found a bug, you cannot switch workouts without quitting the app

I had read that it was possible to switch workout rides without quitting the app. Just click on the screen, then click menu, then click workouts, and click a new workout. Easy…


The app will post the new workout under the name of the original workout to Strava. It was wrong, as I remember, in the activity list in the Zwift game app too. So sure I found a bug. Yeah, the bug was the idea that Zwift fixed the problem of switching workouts during a ride. That is STILL not possible.

Zwift support suggested I post this to get people aware that nothing has changed, and also to get more people to request Zwift programmers come up with a way to do this without quitting the app and re-invoking it, or risking a ride being posted as the wrong ride.

So ride on, but if you want to change a workout, remember to post that it still doesn’t work without quitting the app, and quit the app, and restart it and choose the workout you now want.

There is this very long thread also: Allow Saves Without Exit

Well, they did suggest I post my issue and I did. shrug