I think we are "glitching" during high speed drafting in game

(L Read) #1

Drafting has seen some improvement using a Computrainer. However I have observed a phenomenon that was also seen on “Netathlon” VR software. That is during high speed drafting situations, both riders can sometimes appear to be behind the other (from their own screen) so both will accelerate to try to stay close to what appears to be the rider in front. This then causes the other rider to accelerate because now it looks like his “lead rider” is trying to drop him.

Both riders think he is drafting the other. This develops into an escalation of speed until it because steady for both or one rider will drop off. This only happens in high speeds/downhill situations. I believe it is due to a combination of time lag in the internet, network, software, wifi, Ant+, trainer, etc. The lag does not appear to affect speeds below about the low 20’smph, but common at speeds 25+ mph. In Zwift, it is commonly seen during the downhill part of the course.

(L Read) #2

This is based on deductive reasoning from my experience with Netathlon. In Nethathlon the screen shows rider graphics and #feet in front or behind other riders. When speeds get fast, the graphics can show the rider is in front while the numbers show the rider to be a few feet behind. So as I accelerate to stay in the draft, my ride part sees that I look like I am trying to accelerate away. So then he accelerates and then causing me to accelerate to stay with him.

I am seeing this same behavior on the downhill section of Zwift. If I am very close to another rider while going downhill and I accelerate to stay with him, it seems to cause him to accelerate also. This happens almost every time in this situation unless we both are going very, very steady speed wise. I will bet that if Zwift starts showing smaller increments such as feet rather than meters behind or ahead, this will become apparent.

I have seen situations in Zwift where the graphic shows the rider is right next to me, but the number shows he is 1 meter behind.