I think I speak for a lot of us when I say this... please :)

I know this is still beta, so it’s entirely acceptable right now and this post isn’t meant to ■■■■■ about the update and crashes… Just a bit of advice :slight_smile:

But when this thing goes into production, please DO NOT release new code and such on a Friday or before a major holiday. I don’t know if it’s feasible for ya’ll as a small company but this is a standard policy we have at Google (I’m a linux sys eng) to prevent internal and external frustration, besides… no one really wants to be on call in case crap happens on their day off eh?

Sticking this in general discussion since it doesn’t really fit into beta feedback etc…

This is beta and our goal is to learn as much as possible. We probably will never release a patch on Friday, nor on the day before a holiday, however this patch was released yesterday with the full knowledge that we’d be here to fix the common issues today.

As for days off…what’s that? :slight_smile:

So true, this industry makes it hard to have proper days off! But we do it for the love of the work! I’m glad to hear the plans with code releases, so many gamers with mmo style games have to deal with the folks who think their code can do no wrong. I know well that there will always be bugs but smart dev/eng teams can limit headaches