I think I need bigger tires...

(Vincent Beggs) #1

I soft pedaled up the hill after the green jersey sprint today and let my watts drift under 50 for a while while I was paying attention to something else IRL and I when I returned my focus to Zwift I was off the road and headed up the mountain. As long as I kept the watts under about 60 I just kept chugging up the hill. Once I went above about 80 watts I turned around and sped down the hill and back to the road. Was cool to see and I have posted a couple pics of the adventure. You can see 29% grade on the screen shots but I saw it hit 42% later.




(Vincent Beggs) #2

okay, none of those links work. I’ll post differently.

(Andrew Williams) #3

try google drive links

(Noel Nunkovich *USMES*) #4

Or Dropbox public folder links if you have DB account.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #5

…or Facebook.

(Vincent Beggs) #6

Let’s try these links:



(John Scott) #7

Hahaha…that’s awesome. Ima havta try that :smiley:

(Vincent Beggs) #8

@GregGibson, I did post to FB but those were the links that didn’t work above. The direct links from FB include underscore characters and this forum seems to strip them out.

(Jon Mayfield) #9

Hah, great find…it’s one of those very rare bugs that has been in there for months. You made it pretty far up the climb there!

The pics you provided will help us track this one down once the time comes for us to address it. Thanks for sharing them.

(Vincent Beggs) #10

@Jon, one other data point. This happened after I had been off the bike for about 30 minutes and during that time Zwift lost control of my KICKR so it switched to EGR mode. I don’t think I would have been able to turn the pedals at 29% and 40 RPM in SIM mode.

Great blog post today BTW.