I there an alternative for my.zwift.com?

Now that my.zwift.com has been made completely inaccessible to peeps with motion sickness (and cumbersome for peeps without, I suppose), is there an alternative? Given the lack of platform connectivity, I used to download my activity files from there. Thanks.

This is a very good point, eric.

While I like the new functionality, I agree accessibility has taken a hit with this update.

It took me a while to find the download link, but it is still there. It’s more convoluted than the previous my.zwift.com though.

First you have to click on the activity image to load it, then click the gear icon in the top left, beside the activity title.



As for alternatives, if you are syncing to Strava you can download the .fit file from there (“Export original”).

If you mean this one in the top right:


That’s to download Zwift the game. It goes to https://zwift.com/uk/download for me.

Oops, yep your correct. I am an idiot.

I wouldn’t say that. In the context of the page, it seems most likely that’s what it would be for. And unless they’re quite familiar with the site, no one’s gonna know until they click it (or at least hover over it to see where it links to).

Then they’ll be surprised it doesn’t download a .fit file. That “DOWNLOAD” button could probably be hidden in the context of displaying an activity (since you clearly have Zwift already). Or it could be relabelled “Download Zwift”.