I support the pride ride. not the donation to athlete ally

(bryan) #1

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(bryan) #2

by the way i will be withdrawing my $15/mo support from zwift.

(Joe) #3

What about the flipside? If someone born a biological female transitions to male and wants to compete as a man, is that unfair to other men too?

That’s your choice. Really simple. Enjoy the alternatives.

(bryan) #4

i have no problem with that.
my only issue is they are donating money to causes if you agree or not.
pride ride good. asking people to donate to an organization like they do with the buffalo bikes is good.
taking our fees and donating without your consent is wrong.
its zwifts choice to support who they want. i just wish i would have known when i joined. i would not have signed up. i thought this was a riding app. not a social/political app hiding behind a riding app to get our money to donate to causes.

(eric bednarz.bike) #5

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

(Joe) #6

That’s interesting.

Well, assuming you’ve given no ‘pride ons’, you’ve not actively participated in the campaign… ergo you have not contributed toward toward the stretch goal.

Honestly, you pay Zwift for a service. The money they collect for providing this service belongs to the company, and they can donate it wherever they like. Zwift is hardly alone in being a company that donates money to charities. It is not ‘your’ money or ‘my’ money once it leaves our accounts. Further, Zwift is a privately held company that has raised ~ $167M through VC funding to-date - none of that is subscription revenue. Their donation to AA amounts to 0.01% of this capital.

Then, there are ~ 1m registered accounts on Zwift. How many of those remain as active subscribers/users in any given month is not public info. But - Zwift could make this donation without taking a penny from subscriptions. Does that make you feel any better about it?

If no, and if you feel strongly enough about this particular charitable contribution to cancel your membership? Again… totally your choice.

But - since pretty much every company in the US makes some charitable donations to reduce tax liability and is under no obligation to openly disclose them all (or, at least, not to make the info easily accessible to subscribers and/or the general public)… I hope you can find one whose ideologoy alligns perfectly with your own.

(Daren) #7

No it’s not. Once you’ve handed over your money for the use of their service, it becomes their money.

They don’t need your consent to spend their own money.

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(Mike ) #8

Exactly this. I bet Bryan doesn’t check with his employer what he is allowed to spend his own money on.

(donny) #9

i think you should probably sort out your terminology if you’re going to go around sticking your terrible, unsolicited opinions in other people’s faces. i believe the term you’re looking for is “trans women”, as a trans man would be someone transitioning/has transitioned to be or who identifies as a man.

(donny) #10

you’ll be missed :rofl:

(joseph) #11

I have logged over 4,000 miles using zwift but do not support pride week and have canceled my subscription. Know lots of folks that have done the same and more to come. A person’s sexual orientation etc. is their business but when it is put before us all, decisions have to be made when ones morality is violated. We vote with our wallet. Will not participate in this promotion of what I consider deviant behavior.

(Daren) #12

It is.

It wasn’t. You don’t know the sexual orientation or transgender status of a single person on Zwift (unless you actually know them IRL I guess). I rode the first Pride ride. I’m a cis male and straight. Which obviously demonstrates that you cannot draw anything from participation in the ride.

You can’t take anything from the mere existence of the ride other than Zwift are supportive of the Pride movement and its message of acceptance and inclusion. You can argue they’re “virtue signalling” if you wish, but to some extent that doesn’t even matter.

Deviant? In the statistical sense? If a behaviour is naturally occurring, what’s it deviating from? Some ridiculous rules made up by closed minds?

Which other “deviations” would you take umbrage at? Do you eschew redheads? People with dark skin? Overweight people? Autistic people? Disabled people?

What scares you so much?

Ah well, take your money and your bigotry and good riddance. No one’s going to miss you.

(eric bednarz.bike) #13

[…] and have canceled my subscription. Know lots of folks that have done the same and more to come.

Oh yes, the exodus of the Silent Majority™ sure is in full swing. You will need a very large stick to part the Pacific Ocean wide enough for all of you to fit through on your way out of Watopia.

(I still remember the dark days, when reactionaries were smart enough to threaten with staying instead of leaving. :joy:)