I need help about child account

Hi everyone I think I need help because I can login to my account but when I tried to ride on zwift my avatar doesn’t go. I started to use child account 3 or 4 days ago and ı totally rode 35 km after that yesterday when ı tried to ride on zwift (on android device) the warning came and it’s something like you will use zwift after 25 days. (ı will add photos). does child account have some limitations because when we looked at the information about child account there is nothing about any limitation

I don’t think the child account has a limit. Are the Parent account active and paid in full. does the parent account work as normal?


For child account do we need to open a normal account for our parents because no one in my family ride bikes for training and I’m just 15 because of that I decided to open child account

A parent or guardian must be a full paying member of Zwift for you to receive a free child account.


Oww I wasn’t know that. Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

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Hey Emir,

Our support squad reached back out to your emails with a little more information about how children accounts work. Please respond so we can get this situated for you.