I’m hooked but a?

I ride a route but get lost on where the beginning is ? Where is the end I keep missing it. And I have a Bowflex C6 , love it both hubby and I use it, can someone settle a discussion? Does Zwift control the resistance? He says no I say yes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so far love Zwift!

Depending on what trainer you have, the Bowflex C6 is not a controllable trainer, you have to turn the resistance knob to change resistance. But is you use a smart trainer like the the Saris H3 it will change the resistance.

Can you expand on what you mean by ‘get lost where the beginning is’ and ‘Where is the end’?

When doing a free ride (i.e. not part of an event) it’s not always easy to tell where a route starts. Sometimes you are already on the route when you start, and sometimes there is a ‘lead in’ before the actual route starts.

As for the end of a route, if it’s one you have not done before and there is an associated route achievement badge you will know you’ve reached the end when the notification of the new badge pops up. If there is no achievement badge, or if you’ve done the route before and already received the badge, you just sort of have to know where the ‘end’ of the route is, because all routes are sort of ‘loops’, in a way, in that when you reach the end of the route your avatar just keeps going, effectively starting the route over again. Generally, though, a route will end at some sort of banner or marker. So, if you generally know where the route should end you would know you’ve completed the route when you reach a banner/marker of some sort.

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This is something that is handled poorly in Zwift. As the other poster mentioned, the insertion point is not always a good guide. For example, Sand and Sequoias places you about 1 km before the start (which is a sprint finish line under the stone arch) but Road to the Ruins starts you about 200-300m before a big Start/Finish banner. The best solution I’ve found is to study the map for the specific route beforehand at Zwift Insider to see where the start and finish are. After a while you start to remember what landmark to look for.


Sand and Sequoias caught me today because there was no countdown to the finish line. Zwift obviously knows where this is because it tells you first time.

Why not tell you every time?

Down load an app called Zwiftmap and run it as an overlay on the side of the screen.
It shows all the roads and your location. Great way to learn the roads.

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