I’m following people I never even requested to follow

Uh- I’m just wondering if it’s a glitch or something but I went through “all” on the workouts page and I saw random people who I have no idea who they are. Their profile says I’m following them but I never requested to follow them, my notifications say I didn’t either. It’s kind of creepy. Any ideas?



Edit: I know how to unfollow them but it’s just weird.

Two possibilities. Not saying that either is definite in your case:

  1. The person might have changed their in-game name and their photo since they requested to follow you and you accepted.
  2. I’ve seen Companion notifications appear saying that “x has accepted your follow request”, followed quickly by that person following me – despite me being pretty sure that I haven’t ever tried to follow them. I’ve long suspected that there’s some algo at work here – like in LinkedIn and other platforms – trying to increase follow activity by spontaneously generating follow requests on its own. (But then again, I could be paranoid.)

That might be it. But I rose from 399 followers to 410- I only accepted 5 yesterday. I’ve never even seen this person before. I also scrolled through their rides and I haven’t commented on them at all, I always comment on at least one ride of every follower

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Hi @Liz_J ,

You bring up an interesting point.

My first thought is that perhaps you’ll need to double-check that your privacy settings are configured the way you want them to be.

For more information on that, please see this article.

Hope that helps. Thanks!

AAAAGGGHHH!!! Now it’s saying that my friends aren’t following me but I’m following them!! I’m accepting their requests every day! They say they never unfollowed me, anyone else have this problem?? :tired_face:

Hi @Liz_J

Is this consistent behavior of the app or is something perhaps not connected? If the app drops the connection, I’d wager that might result in some unusual behavior. Have you tried force closing the ZC app, and then restarting it? Have you deleted, and reinstalled ZC from the app store? Does that help?

Yes, I Haven’t had any problems so far. Thank you @Steven_D! Much appreciated! :+1:

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You’re welcome, Liz, and I’m glad to hear things are working better for you in Zwift!

Ride On.

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