I’m a mess after the update, please help

I’ve noticed quite a few people having the same issued but it’s impossible for me to read every reply post so I’m hoping someone has a quick answer for me.

I conducted the Zwift companion app update on my phone and now the connectivity with my Apple TV, Kickr core and Companion app is all out of synch, its a mess!

When using the Zwift on the Apple TV, it was paired directly to the POWER SOURCE and CONTROLLABLE, then I had the Companion app for my Heart rate and Cadence sensor. I had no troubles conducting:
Calibration spin down’ test prior to a planned workout
Experienced no dropouts during a workout
ERG mode during a planned workout worked perfectly

Now after the update I can only use POWER SOURCE and CONTROLLABLE through Apple TV, unable to synch the companion app to have the heart rate and cadence at the same time.
When I go to full Companion app, I’m able to have all the options but :
Unable to pass a Calibration spin down.
The ERG during a planed workout is unstable causing me to miss segments and having to stop the whole exercise.
Totally cuts out randomly

Please help me find a way that I can Conduct and pass a spin down test, have my heart rate and cadence displayed and have the Power source and controllable functioning so I can use the ERG function during the planned workouts.

yup, I have found the same.

Me and my wife recently purchased a 2nd kickr core. Both kickr cores are running through Apple TV, with a Wahoo HR band and a Wahoo cadence sensor.

When we had the single setup, you could log in and everything would pair without issue. To me it was all via ATV even tho I know it doesn’t accept that many Bluetooth connections… regardless, however it worked… it worked.

I initially thought it was because I was introducing a second lot of everything that there were too many blue tooths flying around, but basically now we can choose between cadence or heart rate. And if we try and use the companion to link things… nothing is discovered or will sync properly.

its very frustrating going from what was a seamless and perfect setup, to now a bit of an annoying mess!!!

can I assume this is all since an update? rather than introducing more equipment into the ‘pain cave’

@John_Grundy @Mat_Pewsey The Kickr Core can estimate cadence, you don’t need a separate sensor for this. You should both be able to pair the Kickr as power, controllable, and cadence all on one bluetooth connection leaving an open one for the HRM. No need to use the companion app, which since an update a few months ago, you now have to use the companion app to bridge the signal if you have more than 2 devices you are trying to connect. Also a more recent update to the companion app fixed the issues with pairing a controllable trainer via the companion app, so make sure you have the most recent update installed on your phone.

Also, use the Wahoo Utility app on your smartphone to calibrate/spindown the Kickr, no need to use Zwift to calibrate as it usually errors out and isn’t necessary.


interesting, I thought it was only the Kickr that had cadence built in, not the kickr core. But I will take a look at the video. thanks for the info!

Make sure you are on the most recent firmware, Kickr Core added cadence last September.


amazing stuff, I will look into it.


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Thanks for your quick reply Mike, really appreciate your help. I updated the wahoo Kickr, Now it displays the cadence and I can now do a successful spindown. Cheers for that.

But… During my planned ride today, twice I had ‘ERG mode temporarily disabled’ which locked up the Kickr for 30-60 seconds, stuffed up my intervals. Is this something to do with my setup or just something that happens?

Also when I have segments that call for 10 sec @495w then 50 sec @140w, I can’t get to 495w within the 10 seconds, the cadence goes out of control and the speed doesn’t change and I just spin out of control. What’s happening here?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did this happen because you weren’t able to hit the wattage target and the Kickr just kept adding resistance as your cadence slowed down? Also known as the death spiral.

This doesn’t sound right at all, I have a Kickr Core and it works flawlessly in workouts with ERG mode. The resistance changes within a second or two, even when doing VO2 max intervals as you are describing. Can you test it with a different app, I think the Wahoo fitness app has some built in workouts that you could try and see if you get similar results. If it happens with another app too, then I think something would be wrong with the trainer.

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Thanks again for your advise legend. Today the ERG mode didn’t dis connect at all and I was just patient and let the gear get really heavy before I sprinted for the 400+ Watts, seems as though I was going to early thus triggering a meltdown.

You’ve been such a great help Mike, wishing you all the best in your training!


yup, I would like to extend my thanks to you mike.

both my kickr cores have been updated, which now means they transmit cadence data, so I can use all functions via ATV on the two Bluetooth connects.

life is good!!