I have all the pieces, what do I do with them?

(Amy Riley S2T (leader)) #1

I got a classic trainer from the compatible list, I have the Wahoo Blue Cadence Sensor with Bluetooth and Ant+, I have the Garmin Ant+ dongle and USB cables (all the stuff the getting started says to have).  I understand putting the Wahoo on my bike, and my bike on the trainer.  What do I do with the Garmin Ant+ dongle and USB cables?

I looked at the getting started instructions and think I can follow that once I get everything hooked up, but I didn’t see anything that explained how to hook the above pieces together.

I know this seems like a really lame question, and I thank you in advance for your help!


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Amy,

The ANT+ dongle and the USB extension cable go into your computer via the USB port.

I would plug the dongle into the extension cable and plug the cable into your computer so that it ‘extends’ the reach of the dongle to be closer to your sensors.