I hate ZRL racing, what am I doing wrong?r

I’m terrible at it, I can’t hold wheels, and I get dropped so quickly that I’m just about done with it. I’m a strong rider, not an elite by any means but a decently strong Cat 2/3 on the road. I get killed without exception in any and all ZRL races. My (ashamedly high) weight is correct, I’m using an aero bike and wheels on flat courses, light bike and wheels on climbing courses, and it makes no difference. I’m really discouraged and it’s making me want to stop completely.

I don’t get it and I can’t be the only one who feels this way.

They are just mostly stuffed with high quality fields with a good density of sandbaggers. Yes, tough racing, and the intermediate sprints make it harder for those of us with feeble sprints.

But the team element makes them fun (IMO) and also there’s an attraction in being able to test myself against the best. Even though I knew the answer before I started.

I was going to skip this season but my team is short of riders.


Even though I’m part of a team, I’ve yet to experience the fun of it. Team strategy or tactics are pretty useless in ZRL racing, as it’s a non-stop hammerfest from the gun, so there’s no chance to attack, counterattack, or set up a break. I wanted to do it since group rides are non-existent where I live and I’m stuck in a town without an active community.

I guess I’m just not cut out for it.

ZRL are a bit of a different animal. They are very focused on prime points so the sprinters do well.

I think it is easier to sandbag in ZRL because you can get a lot of points without blowing over the 20 minute limit.

Look at some other races there’s some nice ones out there.

There is also some group rides that do mini races at the end.