I get error during payment process.

Thanks Eric,

That worked!  Great program.



how do you fix this problem? I’ve been getting this error since Thursday! HELP


Hi Donielle,

I answered your other ticket on Friday and have not heard a response. Please refer to that considering there is a successful charge as of the 11th and our database is confirming an active and paid-for subscription.


with me the cash cleaning in chrome isn’t working :frowning:


Hi Dimitri,

Try incognito mode and turning off any pop-up blockers. Or, open a ticket. This post is now 7 months old. :slight_smile:




I have problem with payment error. Please help me.

I am having this issue a year on.  I cannot log in as it says join now even though my subscription is active.  If I try and join again, it fails and it says that there is already an active subscription.  My friend is also having the same problem.

Hi I too am having this issue, can anyone assist please greatly appreciate it

email reply sent Dave plus attachment of screenshot ticket # 105258