I do not run at 25 km/h

I did a rare run this morning, and as soon as I clicked ‘Run,’ my avatar took off at 25 km/h. I just watched, amazed, for a couple of minutes. Then I actually started running, and things went back to “normal.” Though I was running pretty steadily, my avatar would move in fits and starts. In all, my avatar covered 3.8 km in 20 minutes, but according to my treadmill, I ran only 2.4 km.

I use a Milestone footpod, last calibrated about a month or two ago. I use ZCA as a BLE bridge to Zwift running on Windows 10.

Is this the only time it has ever happened?

This is the only time I’ve run at 25 km/h. It’s also the first time I’ve used the ZCA BLE bridge for running. Mind you, I’ve probably only run on Zwift about 10 times in all.

I tried unsuccessfully to reproduce the problem immediately after my run.

have same issue