I can’t joined a race ! :-(

Hi everyone, I try 3 times to joined a race, but the iPhone app crashed every time … I have an iPhone 6 with a tacx vortex smart…I’m the only one ?

Hi @Valentin_Leconte
Welcome to Zwift forums!
Can we have more detail, please? When did the game app crash? Was it:

  1. Upon starting the app
  2. Upon logging in to the game
  3. Selecting your world / route / workout?
  4. Trying to join an event (race or group ride)?
  5. Some time during the ride?
  6. Upon completion of the ride?

I work at Zwift HQ and looked at your most recent session on 01-21. A ride of ~1 hour registered on our server. Was the app crashing before or after this session?

I see that your iPhone 6 is running iOS version 12.4.4. Apple’s latest is v.13.3 Zwift advises that you run the latest version that Apple provides for your phone. Many times, running an outdated OS can cause problems.

Hi Shuji!

The app crashed when I try to joined the race.

In my last session, at the begenning, I try to joined the stage 3 of tour de zwift, but the app crashed when I click to joined the race.

I try to refresh my version of IOS but it’s the last one for my phone…